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Today the SLC Athletic Directors got together and have agreed upon a new schedule that is conference only with a conference tournament to decide champion.  As of right now the fall season is a go for our WIAA announced dates.  A more detailed announcement will hopefully be available on Tuesday, August 25th.

UPDATE: This link is the official Waterford procedure for the season related to Covid 19-

With the chaos that is planning for this season, I am suspending the rule that you must sign the player contract and give it to me to be game eligible.  All players now simply have the responsibility of reading it and understanding the rules that this program adheres to.  That can be found in the 5/29 update

The following is a list of guidelines for Varsity level players that will be measured come tryouts on August 17th.  

1) 75 consecutive touches of a ball juggling  within 2 tries
2) A 72 (or Level 9- 1) on the Pacer Test
3) Hit a 2-3 yard wide target from 15 yards out 7/10 tries using only 2 touches starting with your back to the target.  Videos of what this looks like here:
Tryouts Drill Outside of Foot Turn
Tryout Passing Drill Outside Foot Turn  
(Sorry I didn't have time to film a Cruyff turn video boys. It'll come eventually)

While these are not official requirements of a varsity player , these are the things I believe it takes to make a meaningful contribution at the varsity level and are skills necessary to compete against good teams.  Players should come into training ready to complete these tasks.  I repeat, failure of any of these does not automatically prevent you from making Varsity.  These are suggested guidelines if you wish to make an impact at that level of the game.

For those of you that have hit those already, field players at the STATE and COLLEGE level can do the following:
1) 200 consecutive juggling touches within 3 tries
2) A 90 (Level 10-7) on the Pacer Test
3) Hit those gates mentioned earlier 9/10 times with all three types of turns on both feet

Coaching Staff:
Varsity Coach: Andrew Cresswell
262-534-3189 Ext. 7154
Assistant Coach: Ryan Krueger
 JV Coach: David Crissey

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