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5/29/20: Getting ready for summer and tryouts
The season is set to start August 17th.  For a full breakdown of the summer and season, check out the Full Season Calendar link at the bottom (you must have a google account to view- working on a solution so everyone can view it).  Exact tryout times have yet to be determined.

Every player must read, sign, and submit to Coach Cresswell the contract for playing with the Boys Soccer program located here: 
Wolverine Soccer Handbook (Boys).doc  Players will need to submit their signed contract before they are eligible to play in any games. If you are having trouble viewing this document, please email Coach Cresswell

Any organized practices for the summer are still prohibited on school grounds.  Therefore, there are not any official times or dates for captains practices.  For those that wish to remain socially distanced, I have posted individual goals to shoot for as summer preparation for the season.  It is my hope that we can safely get the nets up and captains practices moving as soon as possible.  The school board and administration are discussion it as we speak.  A separate announcement will be made when that will happen.

Important dates-
Rec Soccer Camp Fundraiser July 13th-16th 8am-11:30am
The date for this is now tentative with changes most likely coming, so take it at face value. In need of volunteers to work this camp, as it is the main fundraiser for the program and allows us to enter in to tournaments outside of the normal schedule that are crucial for development and seeding.  Those that chose not to work the pancake breakfast will be called on first.  Those that did work the breakfast are encouraged to still help out if able.

As of right now the UW-Whitewater camp is still on. An email will go out to all camp participants as soon as possible if anything changes.  Those that wish to know more about the camp or sign up for it, please send Coach Cresswell your mailing address via email.  A flyer will be sent to you with information and a registration sheet should you choose to participate.

I have an account on the NFHS Network setup for you to watch all the state games from last year if you are itching for some new content on TV or something to do after school.  It might be worth your time to check out the level of play that we aspire to get to.  Every D1-3 State game is on the "Watch List" so you can go right to them.

You want an idea of what my visions for this program are, watch the D1 state final.  Verona in particular.  The first touch, movement, composure, technique, and pure dominance. 

- Username:
Password: #WUHSSoccer2019

The following is a list of guidelines for Varsity level players that will be measured come tryouts on August 17th.  

1) 75 consecutive touches of a ball juggling  within 2 tries
2) A 72 (or Level 9- 1) on the Pacer Test
3) Hit a 2-3 yard wide target from 15 yards out 7/10 tries using only 2 touches starting with your back to the target.  Videos of what this looks like here:
Tryouts Drill Outside of Foot Turn
Tryout Passing Drill Outside Foot Turn  
(Sorry I didn't have time to film a Cruyff turn video boys. It'll come eventually)

While these are not official requirements of a varsity player , these are the things I believe it takes to make a meaningful contribution at the varsity level and are skills necessary to compete against good teams.  Players should come into training ready to complete these tasks.  I repeat, failure of any of these does not automatically prevent you from making Varsity.  These are suggested guidelines if you wish to make an impact at that level of the game.

For those of you that have hit those already, field players at the STATE and COLLEGE level can do the following:
1) 200 consecutive juggling touches within 3 tries
2) A 90 (Level 10-7) on the Pacer Test
3) Hit those gates mentioned earlier 9/10 times with all three types of turns on both feet

The 2020 schedule is officially out!  If you notice, there is no longer a conference tournament, with the winner being decided based off of points in regular season play.  This was voted into action this past winter by conference coaches during the awards meeting.  We have replaced the games with key sectional playoff opponents or teams in their conferences.

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Coaching Staff:
Varsity Coach: Andrew Cresswell
262-534-3189 Ext. 7154
Assistant Coach: Ryan Krueger
 JV Coach: David Crissey

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